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Do You Have an Artist’s Steady Hand?

Posted in Public Art

by Ruth Jernigan Goldberg, Public Information Intern, St. Mary’s County Community Development Corp.

Are you an artist with a steady hand? St. Mary’s Community Development Corporation is looking for you!

The CDC is seeking artists of all ages, students are welcome to apply as well, to help trace a second major mural onto the side of the recently renovated Bank Square Building.

The mural is being produced with support from the CDC, St. Mary’s County Arts Council, State Farm Insurance – Phil Riehl, and Work Space, a recently renovated series of furnished offices with shared conference and lobby space overlooking Gate 2 of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station.

Artist Rainbow,” a collage of many famous faces such as well-known artists, speakers, and poets, will peek out at Great Mills Road, from the back wall of Work Space. Most images will be slightly altered, but remain recognizable, showing that artists know no cultural barriers.

“I wanted it to look like the people who live here,” said the mural’s designer, North Beach, MD, artist Roz Racanello. “When we put up the first mural, every day we worked, people stopped by to say they liked it. It made them happy. People walking, people driving by and pulling in, bicyclists, all ages, all colors, students. I designed this to give back to all of those different people who also love art in their neighborhood.”

A design by Lyn Wescoe was installed in this manner in 2017 on the other end of the Bank Square Building at 46940 South Shangri-La Drive, where it can be seen from Great Mills Road and South Shangri-La. Ms. Racanello will also be installing this second mural. A glimpse of “Artist Rainbow” will also be visible from Great Mills Road, to inbound Lexington Park traffic just past the furniture store down the “Wings” art alley.

The CDC is seeking artists of all ages, students are welcome to apply as well, to help trace the projected mural onto the side of the building. This occurs at night, probably in mid- to late-May, to allow for the projection to show. Once scaffolding is in place, a handful of artists with steady hands trace the outline of the mural.

If you are interested in participating in the project please send a jpg or pdf of one or two examples of your work along with your name, (your school if you’re a student,) and how you can be reached. You are welcome to include a resume, references and/or a web site if you wish. Please send these to Make the subject heading “Mural Artist.

There are small stipends available for the Tracing Team members, commensurate with experience, in large part from St. Mary’s County Arts Council. For the CDC to match grant funds contributions and sponsorships will be sought.

Questions about the mural can be sent to or to leave a voice mail, call: 301-863-7700.




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