Who We Are

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Created in 1985, the St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a nonprofit agency promoting public and private investment in St. Mary’s County communities. The Corporation seeks to develop community infrastructure projects designed to revitalize and boost investment in commercial and residential neighborhoods.

Although focused on Lexington Park, MD, St. Mary’s CDC is open to revitalization projects throughout St. Mary’s County.

The Board of the Corporation is composed of representatives of business, community, and service organizations.

  •  Mark Pinekenstein, Compass Systems, Inc., Chair
  • Phil Riehl, State Farm Insurance, Vice-Chair
  • Quincy Williams, Cedar Point Federal Credit Union, Secretary
  • Margaret Sawyer, Old Line Bank, Treasurer
  • Mark Dillow, Dean Lumber, CDC Construction Chair
  • Carl Franzen, Franzen Realty
  • Gerald Fair, Fair Enterprises
  • Joan Gelrud, Kaiser Permanente
  • Helen Daugherty, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, CDC Art Chair
  • Ex-Officio Members
  • Charles Wood, St. Mary’s County Dept. of Social Services
  • Bonnie Green, The Patuxent Partnership
  • Dennis Nicholson, St. Mary’s County Housing Authority
  • Harry “Lanny” Lancaster, Three Oaks Center
  • Viki Volk, Executive Director

In Lexington Park, the CDC is seeking to implement infrastructure improvements suggested in the 2016 Lexington Park Development District Master Plan developed by St. Mary’s County Planning Commission and adopted by the St. Mary’s County Commissioners.

In fiscal year 2017 the board is embarking upon two infrastructure projects:

Extending Rogers Drive to Willows Road. The extension of Rogers Drive in the Colony Square neighborhood would open a second access to this neighborhood in decline. Increasing the ease of patrol and traffic has proven a successful crime deterrent. Adding an additional access point to Colony Square has been sought and supported by St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Dept. The proposed roadbed is drawn into the Lexington Park Master Plan. The extension would align with Rennell Ave. at Willows Road, the entrance to Lancaster Park.

Remaking The Flattops into an Art Park. A storied history of the Navy housing that became The Flattops is only a piece of the draw to a beautiful 85 acres in the heart of what should be the commercial hub of Southern Maryland. But it isn’t, for many reasons. Attempts to attract private investment to the upper portion of the property (the lower 50 acres are preserved as open space) are growing their own storied past.

The CDC is pursuing a public venue for the property that will respect development and density limits and open a stunning and original park to the region. A working committee was appointed and found significant potential and interest in developing an Art Park. The CDC has contracted with Roz Racanello, former director for the Southern Maryland of the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.

Included in the park are 200 Japanese Cherry trees, in need of immediate attention, and with their own storied history to be told. The plan being prepared by the committee begins with those cherry trees and a drive to survey them and other museum quality trees in The Flattops and restore them to good health.

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