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Competition Opens for 2nd Lex Park Mural

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This is a view of the wall, only a part of it will be used for this Lexington Park Mural. Proposals for the entire wall will be accepted.

Following last year’s successful mural competition and completion — see above on the homepage masthead — St. Mary’s Community Development Corp. with the support of St. Mary’s Arts Council is seeking proposals for a second, significant mural in Lexington Park.

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corp. Request for Proposal

The Lexington Park Mural Program provides funding for public art that encourages artists from diverse backgrounds and experiences to portray the style and culture of the region. Artists are sought to apply and offer their ideas and designs for this mural, future murals, and other public art to enrich the Lexington Park experience for residents and visitors alike.

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation, with support from the St. Mary’s County Arts Council, is seeking proposals for Lexington Park’s second large mural. Photos and views of the mural completed last year (2017) are on the CDC website.

Site for New MuralThe long Gymnastic Center’s wall along FDR Blvd. The wall is cinderblock painted a deep brown, more than 300 feet long and about 21 feet high. Only a portion of the wall will be used.  The proposed mural should be up to 20 feet tall and between 50 and 100 feet wide.   A photo of the wall is attached.

The location will make this mural a landmark. It should be distinctive in design, imagery, and vision.

 Budget and Artist Responsibilities:

  • The total budget award the artist will receive for the project will not exceed $3,000.
  • The artist is responsible for surface preparation which may include power washing the surface, removing chipping paint, priming the wall, etc.
  • Black and white paint will be supplied by the CDC, any and all additional colors of paint will be paid for by the artist.
  • In addition, CDC may supply sealant if Min Wax Water-based sealant is appropriate for the paint artist choses to use.
  • The artist is otherwise responsible for all paint, brushes, scaffolding and other supplies needed to complete the project.
  • The medium to be used must be durable and able to withstand minor wear and tear and harsh outdoor elements for at least five year
  • Artists can propose working alone, with partners or hiring assistants to complete the project.
  • Mural must be completed by June 30, 2018 for CDC funding to remain intact.


The design for the mural must depict your answer to the theme: ART, Right Where You Live – Lexington Park Comes Alive! Show us your vision of art as it would appear in the neighborhood of Lexington Park. Take into consideration the neighborhood, the residents and the flavor of Lexington Park. The design should be in proportion to your vision and will fit on the wall when enlarged. The sketch should be submitted electronically.

 Submission Requirements:

All proposal components must be submitted in a digital format. Submit as PDF, JPEG or Word Docs to:

Full proposals are due 5 p.m. EST April 25, 2018. Artists can submit more than one mural design, but each design must have its own proposal.


  • In one or two pages, describe the proposed project. Include:
    • concept and approach
    • supplemental information such as mediums including primer, paint, method and medium of protective top coat
    • a maintenance plan—materials & process for repairs; schedule of maintenance
    • dimensions of the proposed mural
    • schedule/timeline from wall preparation through the application of the final sealant
    • work plan demonstrating a worker safety plan & ability to complete by June 30, 2018
  • A budget outlining all costs associated with mural production (artist(s) fee, wall preparation, paints, sundries and top coat)
  • An electronic file of the proposed mural in a PDF or JPEG format and scalable to 20 feet by 50- to 100 feet. (If you wish to also submit a printed, hard copy version, it should be no smaller than 9 x 12 inches and no larger than 11 x 17 inches, but you must submit electronically as well.)
  • Include photographs and/or drawings of your most representative work including murals. Include title, media, dimensions, location, and date of work.
  • Contact information for three (3) references for your muralist or similar services.
  • A resume including artist statement and contact information.

The Community Development Corp. will assist with developing a plan for any sidewalk or street closures needed during the installation of this artwork

 Note: the winning artist will be required to provide Certification of Liability Insurance or comparable coverage.

Design Standards

  • All unifying themes are welcome. Political or religious themes are not allowed.
  • Designs may be abstract or representational.
  • Only original art will be considered.
  • The design will be suitable and acceptable for public viewing of all ages.
  • Mural size should be scaled to fit height of 20 feet with a width between 50 and 100 feet.

Please note: application materials will not be returned.

  • Timeline:
  • Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Application deadline (received by 5:00 pm)
  • Between April 26th and May 2nd – Winning artist will be notified
  • Saturday, June 30, 2018 – Mural completion June 30, 2018

 Selection Criteria

  • Ability to install mural in a timely manner
  • Quality of previous work.
  • Quality of Proposal

 Proposal does not present any public safety hazards.

 Artistic Merit

  • Proposed artwork is aesthetically pleasing and appropriate for the public realm.
  • Artist’s past work demonstrates proficiency in the proposed medium.
  • Artist has exhibited in the public or private realm and participated in team and/or community-based art programs.

Site Suitability

  • Artwork is suitable for the site based on size, scale, and form.
  • Proposal considers the variety of audiences at the site.
  • Proposal considers the social, historical, architectural, geographical and/or cultural context of the site.

Artwork Durability

  • Artwork will be made of durable materials to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • Artwork is carefully planned ensuring sound fabrication and installation.

Selection Process:

The Lexington Park Mural Project assembles a jury of artists, Lexington Park officials and business leaders to evaluate the submissions. The proposals will be evaluated based on artistic merit – based on the criteria listed above, appropriateness of budget, and visual impact/visibility, of the project. An artist may be selected directly from the initial submitted applications or the committee may elect to invite a short list of finalists for further interviews.

Contact Information:

Address questions to:    Roz Racanello –

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