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Call for Sponsors – 2nd Annual Great Mills Road Clean-Up

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St. Mary’s Community Development Corporation is passionate about our mission of improving Lexington Park and bringing the community together, but we can’t do it alone. Will you support the success of the next Great Mills Road Cleanup?

Last year, over 100 volunteers worked tirelessly to collect litter, clean the sidewalks, and trim the overgrown grass to make Great Mills Road a cleaner, safer place for everyone. With your help, we can make this year’s event even better than last year! Whether you can provide monetary donations, in-kind donations like food, water, or supplies, or gather your staff to volunteer time to help clean up the road, your support will make a real difference for our Lexington Park.

Great Mills Road Cleanup Sponsorship Tiers

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the generosity of local businesses and individuals like you to help us make our community a better place. And don’t forget, donations to St. Mary’s CDC are tax deductible!

Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated. You may donate via our PayPal button at the top of our website or via check. Please address all checks to:

St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation
46940 S. Shangri La Drive, Suite 7
Lexington Park, MD 2065

You can visit our Support Us page to learn more about donating to St. Mary’s CDC.

More Than Just a Clean-Up

While volunteers are cleaning Great Mills Road like they did last year, there will be several other components of the Clean-Up in full swing on June 3rd and throughout the summer:

Beautifying Great Mills Road with Greenery

St. Mary’s CDC won a grant to supply businesses on Great Mills Road with plants, greenery, and shrubbery to improve the look of the streetscape, to further our efforts of beautifying our town. If you are interested in receiving greenery for your business, submit a request today!

Click the flyer to open a full size version in a new tab.

Neighborhood Residents Join the Effort

We are encouraging residents in local neighborhoods like Patuxent Homes, Westbury, Colony Square, Patuxent Crossing Apartments, Essex South, and beyond to join in the efforts on June 3rd and work together to tidy up their “block.” Residents who want to help out can sign up here and be able to stop by the Church of the Ascension for their free t-shirt on cleanup day! Volunteers are visiting these neighborhoods over the coming weeks to spread the word, so make sure to say ‘hey’ and sign up today!

Want to help share the event with friends or neighbors? Click on a flyer to download, share online, or print and post in your neighborhood or at your workplace!

New Mural in Lexington Park

From the same grant, the CDC has $4,500 to invest in a new mural to be installed on the St. Mary’s County Health Department’s Health Hub. We are partnering with St. Mary’s County Arts Council, Cedar Point Federal Credit Union, and a group of artists to finalize a vision of a mural that represents what makes Lexington Park great.

How You Can Help

  • DONATE: Every single dollar collected counts! If you feel passionately about our mission and want to help St. Mary’s CDC continue our work, please consider donating any dollar amount.
  • DONATE SUPPLIES: We will need lots of water to keep our volunteers cool and hydrated. Consider donating a case of water bottles, Gatorade, or even packaged snacks or treats!
  • BRING TOOLS: Have gardening or lawn tools that could help with our efforts? Please let us know and bring them with you! Leaf blowers will work much better to clear the sidewalks than the brooms did last year.
  • SPREAD THE WORD: Tell your friends, your family, your coworkers, your church congregation, team members, employees, EVERYONE! Share our event on Facebook (and invite your friends to like our page!). The more people we have involved, the more successful this event will be. Please tell as many people as you know!

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