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Support a Project

Make a Donation to a Specific CDC Project

Did you know you can request that your donation go to a project or program of your choice? If there is a project that you feel connected to or inspired by, you can give directly to that cause. Just follow the instructions below!

Complete the Form

Click the link to download our donation form. Fill out the form online, or print the form and complete by hand.

Send the Form

Send us an email with the form attached or mail the form to us! If you want your donation to be allocated to general CDC funds, there’s no need to complete the form.

Submit your donation

Click the DONATE button or mail a check payable to St. Mary’s Co. Community Development Corp. Be sure to include the form if mailing a check!

St. Mary’s CDC is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization and your contributions to the CDC may be tax-deductible.