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Public Art

We are passionate about public art and the effect it can have on a community. Click the tabs below to learn more about the public art projects St. Mary’s CDC has championed.


Lexington Park Alive! was the first mural project by St. Mary’s Community Development Corp. (CDC) in collaboration with the St. Mary’s County Arts Council. The CDC’s Art Park Committee held a contest for design submissions and the winner was Lynn Wescoe.

“Artist Rainbow” combines the faces of famous artists, speakers, poets, orators, a hip hop musician, a street artist, a Piscataway performing artist, and that very famous smiling portrait!

Roz Racanello, former St. Mary’s CDC staff artist, was inspired to design the collage after overseeing the installation of the corporation’s first mural Lexington Park Alive!

A competition was held to select four additional Maryland artists to work with Ms. Racanello on “Artist Rainbow” , those selected were Kailee Findlay, Caitlin Jones, Elizabeth Lopez, and Katia Meisinger.

Wings Across Lexington Park” is a portrait-height installation of wings from all types of creatures initiated in 2018.

In early spring 2020, Ms. Racanello was compelled to create an homage to the nurses and medical workers battling on the front lines of COVID-19. Ms. Racanello’s nephew, a nurse on the front lines in New York, NY, is both the inspiration and the model for the artwork.

Wings Across Lexington Park” can be viewed on Sale Center Lane, the alleyway between Ashley HomeStore and Amazing 2 Nails & Spa by the Great Mills Road/Shangri La Drive intersection.