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The J. Patrick Jarboe Medical Center on Buck Hewitt Road in Lexington Park, Maryland provides community-based, world-class health care to residents in the surrounding neighborhoods.

These neighborhoods between Route 235, Three Notch Road and Route 237, Chancellors Run Road contain some of the most conveniently located homes in Southern Maryland. Both contemporary and classic suburban neighborhoods are located in these lightly wooded, residential enclaves, practically across the street from the Naval Air Station Patuxent River. They’re home in minutes, escape the traffic, and still enjoy the rural vistas and privacy of woods and streams of Southern Maryland.

The J. Patrick Jarboe Medical Center is next door to the CVS on Route 235. The retail, to medical, to residential transition provides both convenience and a well buffered suburban swath of homes. In addition, Buck Hewitt Road  provides a unique asset to these neighborhoods, access between busy Route 235 and Route 237, Chancellor’s Run Road.

There is a need for more connector roads in St. Mary’s County and in particular to serve the heavily populated Lexington Park segment of the Chesapeake Bay/Potomac River peninsula. Buck Hewitt Road provides its nearby neighborhoods with the additional safety and convenience a a suburban crossroad add to a community. At a minimum it can offer an alternative to Route 235 when traffic is heavy.


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