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Art means a lot of different things. Covers a lot of topics. A lot of things are Art. A lot of activities, too. Art is big.

Public Art

Public art is art in any media that has been planned and executed with the intention of being staged in the physical public domain, usually outside and accessible to all.

Public art, historically funded by government, is increasingly finding support through public-private partnerships. Hyattsville’s Community Development Corporation is a nearby success story of using public art to revitalize.

Do you have an exterior wall in Lexington Park that might need some enlivening? Muralists and art students are looking for walls in want of Art.


Contact St. Mary’s Community Development Corp. for opportunities to share the cost of putting Art on your wall. Contact Viki Volk by phone at 301-863-7700 or electronically via our Contact page.

Art in a Park

Communities across the United States are finding Art, in more shapes, sizes, and configurations than  can be itemized here. And Art, they are discovering, not only refreshes and invigorates the human soul, it can do the same thing to a community. In big cities, rural outposts, and sprawling suburban streets, Art in its myriad forms are drawing people back to declining neighborhoods and re-purposing abandoned spaces and turning them vital again.

There are Performing Art Parks, there are Sculpture Parks are Sculpture Parks and Trails like, there are Playable Art Parks, and  there is a committee preparing a proposal for an Art Park at The Flattops in Lexington Park.



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